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Everybody has a name. Some of us have multiple names that we use in different situations or at different times in our lives. Everyone has stories about their names and that’s what this site is about: the stories. We are intrigued by various naming traditions in different cultures and languages. We want to document inequalities that play out in the treatment of names. We explore the meanings of names as words and the significance of names in the creation of our identities. We examine how names are used and abused, how they can amuse. Some people equate their name with their identity. Some people wear their name like a mask. Some people feel bound by their names or uplifted and set free. Some people change their names like changing their clothes. Some people hold on to their names like a precious gift from their grandmother.

     We believe naming is a fundamentally human act, which makes it inherently interesting.

     On this web site you will find links to stories, news articles, videos and research projects related to names and naming practices. New posts are added whenever we find material. If you find something interesting we should include, please send us an e-mail:

     If you have a story about your own name and the joys or difficulties it brings you, please consider adding it to our collection under the What's Your Story tab.

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